Dye Sublimation Inkjet

Summit manufactures industry-leading dye sublimation ink.

How can we make such a bold claim? We spent the past few years hyper-focused on developing a formulation for dye sublimation ink that prints richer colors while consuming less ink and that transfers more efficiently onto the final substrate.

Our customers have told us that they use 10-20% less ink with SummitJet inks than with their incumbent. We developed our formulation with the end users in mind.

What makes Summit sublimation ink unique?

  • We are 100% manufactured in South Carolina. Your ink is likely imported from S. Korea, China, or Europe.
    • JK Group is a conglomerate that owns J-Teck, Kiian, and Sawgrass. Their inks are generally imported from Europe.
    • Other American manufacturers import concentrates, dilute it, and then slap on “American manufactured.”
    • Ask your supplier to walk you through the process from end-to-end.
    • Think of all the intermediaries between the manufacturer and the printer. You have the opportunity to work directly with us, the ink manufacturer.
  • The particle size of our inks is smaller an industry average which results in greater absorption and reduction in print head clogs. We have had customers report that our inks actually cleaned their print heads.
Summit inks are compatible with which printheads?
  • Epson DX4, DX5, DX 7
  • Panasonic
  • Ricoh Gen 4, Gen 5
  • Kyocera Industrial
Okay, I don’t know my printhead, so what wide-format printers are you compatible with?
  • Mutoh
  • Mimaki
  • Roland
  • Reggianni/EFI
  • Ricoh
  • Epson
This is too much. I need to talk to someone.

Please email us at sales@summitinks.com to discuss.

Our sublimation inks have passed all requirements set by the Consumer Product Safety Council for use in toys and clothing because it is phthalate, formaldehyde, and heavy metal free. Creating a safer environment for our children is our commitment to excellence.

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Sublimation printing products


Sportswear, flags, banners, tradeshow backdrops, bags, home furnishings, beddings, fashion apparel, mugs, promotional products, electronics, surfboards, iPhone covers, snowboards, helmets and more.


Our Dye Sublimation Inkjet Inks & Cleaner are available to purchase online.


The Peak of Technology, Innovation, and Customer Focus is our mission. When Quality Matters, Summit Fluid Systems has implemented tightly controlled processes throughout manufacturing processes ensuring only the highest quality products are delivered.