Quality Consistancy

Applicable for Sportswear, Flags, Banners, Bags, Home Furnishings, Fashion Apparel

Recommended Textiles

Over 60% polyesters or polyester blends, Acrylics, Lycryal, Nylons, Cotton Blend

Transfer Conditions

370F ~ 400 F 40~12 seconds, regular pressure

Storage Conditions

Sealed at <80F, <70% RH. once package open, need to acclimate to print environment

Optimum Printing Condition

70+/-5 F; 40~60% RH; office condition

SummiTransSublimation Transfer Papers


Summit Fluid Systems in partnership with a globally recognized, state-of-the-art paper manufacturer proudly introduces our new SummiTrans® sublimation transfer papers. SummiTrans® represents the latest innovations in transfer paper for the textile printing industry with the broadest range of weights available in the market. Our papers are produced with a proprietary inline process from the highest quality pulp available in the market. Our papers have excellent dye release properties and very high transfer efficiency (> 97%).

Our tacky paper has excellent adhesion to textiles, especially stretchable such as swimming suits, yoga pants, workout apparel, socks and etc. to eliminate image ghosting and blurring. SummiTrans® transfer paper provides for excellent ink loading, fast drying, and efficient transfer properties resulting in high-intensity colors. SummiTrans® uses exclusive patent pending technologies unmatched by competitive transfer papers. SummiTrans® papers represent a high-end solution to your consistency problems with current domestic and imported papers and have been shown to reduce ink consumption with their ultra-high transfer efficiency.

Transfer Paper Comparison
 SummiTrans 40SummiTrans 55SummiTrans 100 SummiTrans 100 TAC
Paper weight (g/m2 or GMS)4055100100
Surface Feature, Tack effectN/AN/AN/AStrong
Transfer Efficiency97%97%97%97%
Inter-Color Bleeding ControlExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellent
Drying TimeSupper fastSupper fastFast
Pre-Transfer Quality Retention90 Days90 Days90 Days90 Days
Ghosting EliminationExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellent
Print Resolution360-1440 dpi360-1440 dpi360-1440 dpi360-1440 dpi
Wet CocklingNoneNoneNoneNone
Roll Size24’~64”width
985’ (300m) length
24”~64” width
656’ (200m) length
24” ~128” width
328’ (100m) length
24” ~64” width
328’ (100m) length
Customized Roll Size (Width and Diameter)Jumbo Rolls Upon RequestJumbo Rolls Upon RequestUpon Request Upon Request


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